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Saturday Morning Prayer with the Brothers

We have always been welcome to Saturday morning prayer with the Servants of the Word, so they will stream their prayer time this Saturday morning.

CANCELLED - Prayer for Larissa

Dear Sisters in Antioch,
The men are praying for Lloyd on Tuesday 10th March, and I’d like to invite the women to an evening of prayer for our sister Larissa. This will take place on Friday 20th March from 7:30pm at the (A & J) Bulls’ 3 Hereford Road.
God bless
Rebecca Delargy

Community Meeting

Andy will be leading the meeting and Hugh will be the speaker.

Members' Meeting

Meeting of Antioch Community Members

Friend's Meeting

On this occasion Anthony will be sharing with us from the scriptures.

Community Meeting

Jonathan will be leading the meeting an Arthur will be speaking to us on the theme of Pentecost.

Friend's Meeting

This meeting will most likely go ahead in some form, though it may well be online instead of gathering together in person. The intent is that Andy will be sharing with about the Easter message and the hope we have in the risen Christ, even when things are as strange and uncertain as these times we are going through.

Daniel and Nikki are Getting Married

Let us join in joyful prayer with Daniel and Nikki as they make promises of love and faithfulness to each other as they get married in Vancouver.

Acton Street Evangelism (The Turning)

Our monthly street evangelism is coming up this weekend. Praise, worship and prayer at London Network Church on Friday evening from 7:30 pm. Prayer, training, evangelism and testimonies from 10 am Saturday, gathering at Acton Baptist Church.

Lord's Day - All together at Oak Tree

Lets see how long it takes for the Coronavirus to gobble up this event... but hopefully we will be in Oak Tree together celebrating this Lords Day.

Neighbourhood Lord's Day

On this occasion we will be gathering in neighbourhoods and cluster to celebrate the start of the Lord's Day together.
In Acton we will be meeting at Oak Tree.
In Hillingdon we will be at the Meads.

Ash Wednesday

In preparation for Easter and marking the celebration of Jesus resurrection from the dead, Christians from earliest times have marked a season of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. The season starts on Ash Wednesday (in the western church) and lasts around 40 days. Consider if you can find ways in your life to respond to the call of John the Baptist - prepare the way of the Lord.

Prayer for Lloyd

Dear brothers in Antioch. I’d like to invite you all to an evening of fellowship and prayer for our brother Lloyd Vaz prior to his wedding to Larissa Mascarenhas. We will take some time to honour him, pray for him and listen to the Lord for him. The event will take place on Tuesday 10th March from 8:15pm at the YPO men’s household, 14 Rosemont Road. I look forward to seeing you there. Snacks and drinks will be provided but please also bring some along.
Thanks & God bless – Arthur Delargy

Youth:Link Weekend

Thank you so much for praying for a venue! Your prayers were answered and we are now booked for Elm Tree Farm in Kent for the 21st - 23rd Feb. Please continue to hold the Youth:Link weekend in your prayers;
especially that God would be at work in the youth and that the weekend would run smoothly!

Catholic Worship, Talk and Mass

Catholic members are invited to worship and a short talk before the usual parish 6 pm evening mass

Catholic Worship, Talk and Mass

Catholic members are invited to worship and a short talk before the usual parish 6 pm evening mass

Lord's Day - in homes

Kyria has done a wonderful job of organising us into groups to celebrate the Lord's Day together. If you would like to participate but do not yet have an invite please get in touch with her.

Online Members Meeting

Due to the Coronavirus this meeting will not happen at Acton Hill Church, but we will do something online so please hold onto the time slot. Connection details will be shared in due course.

CANCELLED - Friend's Meeting

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak this event has been cancelled.
Jonathan will lead the meeting and Ursula will be sharing with us from the scriptures. Pray ministry will be available. Come and hear the word of the Lord and receive from Him.

Lloyd and Larissa are Getting Married

The Coronavirus has also struck Lloyd's and Larrisa's wedding plans. Instead of the event in Goa that they had planned their wedding will now be a very simple and small affair. They will marry in London this Saturday. Please pray for them and lets offer them all the support we can.