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Not the Anniversary Weekend

We cannot go away for our usual Anniversary Weekend, but we can still enjoy one another. Click the picture for more details!

Online (Zoom) mostly...

Friends Meeting Sep 2020

At this Friends Meeting we will continue our theme of prayer. Hugh will lead the meeting.


Community Meeting Oct 2020

Jonathan will lead us on this occasion. Our talk will continue the theme of prayer.


Friends Meeting Oct 2020

YES Retreat 2020

The 10th annual YES Retreat is in advanced stages of planning. Please pray for the team and that this would be able to go ahead in a wonderful and impactful way for you young people.

Northern Ireland

268 Ballywalter Rd, Millisle, Newtownards BT22 2LZ, UK

Community Meeting Nov 2020

Friends Meeting Nov 2020

Community Meeting Dec 2020

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Our Sunday Community Meetings, unless otherwise stated, are at 3:45pm at Acton Hill Church, Acton High Street, London W3 9BU.

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