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Antioch Hosts Local Pastors

24 November 2023

Antioch members were pleased to welcome pastors, priests and vicars to a sumptuous Friday night Lebanese dinner recently. The guests lead many of the local churches we attend. We wanted to thank them for their service to the Christian people.
In addition to the quality meal and decor, guests were entertained by an acappella choral group of Antioch members - the Adam's Apples - reconvened especially for the occasion.
For many years the Pastors Dinner had been an annual event among us. Now, after an interruption of a few years due to Covid, etc, we are glad once again to be expressing our appreciation to the local clergy in this way.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a quality evening. A special thanks to the London Network Church for graciously providing the venue for the event.

Regional Leadership Training Weekend

November 2023

Over the weekend 3/4th November a number of us gathered back to the Frontier Centre to have a weekend of leadership training. We were mostly Antioch but joined by four members of the Brot des Lebens community in Munich.
Our guides for the weekend were Danny, Gary, Mary-Theresa and Florence and we were blessed and encouraged by their input, teaching and sharing, on the theme of servant leadership.
Do ask us about it as I think were were all refreshed and re-envisioned by the weekend.
Thank you to Paola and Neil who did the bulk of the planning and also to James who tirelessly served us.

Initial Commitments

October 2023

So blessed to have seven brothers and sisters make initial commitments to Antioch at our community meeting. We welcome them amongst us.

Underway Commitments

October 2023

And at the same meeting five sisters and brothers also made underway commitments to the community. These were all deferred from the Anniversary Weekend. We are blessed to have them with us.

Sword of the Spirit Joined to Other Community Networks

July 2023

Four Community Networks agreed to get together in London for three days from 18-20th July 2023 to take the next steps in forming a global Strategic Partnership. We did so as a response to the Spirit’s prompting that this is God’s prophetic work among us for the times in which we live.

The four networks were The Sword of the Spirit (SOS), represented by Jean Barbara (current President) Manny de los Santos (a leader of Ligaya ng Panginoon Community -Manila) and Andy Pettman (from the Sword of the Spirit); North American Network of Charismatic Covenant Communities (NAN), represented by Peter Poppleton (the NAN Chairman) and his wife Sharon, Dan Almeter (a leader of Alleluia Community) and his wife Marie, the European Network of Communities (ENC) represented by Johannes Fichtenbauer (Current President), Alex Myskow (next President), Kevin Bridges (Johannes P.A.) & Dominic McDermott (Prayer Coordinator) and the Servants of Jesus Community (Australia) represented by Joe and Julie Chircop (Community Founders/Leaders) and Richard Martin (Community Leader).

Acton Churches Together Carol singing

Dec 2022

Its great the the Acton Churches Together group are starting to build some momentum again after the interruption caused by Covid. December saw some of us getting together to sing carols outside St Mary's church. I think there was more enthusiasm than talent and skill at work, but it was delightful to be together, to be proclaiming the Lord and bringing some joy to the heart of Acton.
Thank you everyone who supported this.

Introduction to Antioch afternoon

Nov 2022

The first step for most people joining Antioch is an Introduction to Antioch event. In November we had a lovely afternoon together where around 20 of us took advantage of the Mead's extended house to talk about Antioch, who we are, our history, our life and our Formation Program.
We welcomed some people completely new to Antioch, some young adults who have grown up amonst us, some families who have joined us from other communities and some of the mission workers as well.
Thank you eveyone who attended, those who spoke, those who fed us, those who led discussion groups and those who did childcare for the afternoon! It was a great afternoon together and hopefully helpful for those making decisions about us.

Congratulations Stephen and Sara!

July 2022

In spite of flight cancellations, lost coaches, patchy internet and a stand in organist it was a wonderful service and beautiful celebration. Thank you to the Aldea family for looking after us so generously. Congratulations to Stephen and Sara as you start married life together.

Blessing Meeting - Ecumenical Panel

June 2022

In a very different sort of meeting, on this occasion we have Rev Peter Mackenzie, Rev Warren McNeil and Dan Turner talk about their denominations, why they are what they are (church-wise) and discussed some the of the challenges we face being Christians of different traditions, but working with each other and growing in living out John 17.

Thank you Andrew for leading us through the time and introducing some interactivity through modern technology and a big thank you to our panel. It was a delightful time together.

Lord's Day opening ceremony

June 2022

On this occasion we were all able to gather at All Saint's Church in Hillingdon for the opening ceremony of the Lord's Day. The Papa family did a lovely job of sharing with us, leading us through the prayers, and even singing to us! Good to have you back with us.

It was also good to say a farewell to Nathan and Christina as they step back from Antioch.

Thank you to them, to Cathy and the household for organising the food, and to Jonathan and Caroline for hosting and coordinating the event.

Congratulations to Kane and Magdalena

May 2022

Kane and Maggie became husband and wife at the church of St Elizabeth of Portugal where they are regular worshippers. It was great that so many of their family and friends were able to be there, and thanks for the live stream for those who could not make it. Thank you also for all the service, jobs and help provided by so many people that made the wedding, the reception and the boat party such a wonderful occasion.

In all, a wonderful day, a wonderful couple and a wonderful wedding. Blessed by God!

Sad news about Linda Perry

April 2022

We are sad to announce the death of Linda Perry.

Trevor and Linda were a wonderful whirlwind of the Holy Spirit among us, with Trevor serving as the Antioch senior leader for many years, and Linda helping to pioneer many aspects of women's leadership amongst us.

Linda was a woman of prayer and woman of action, a woman of great heart, but also of no nonsense! She fed the hungry and welcomed the stranger, with many community members being hosted by them for meals, or even living as part of the family for a season.

In more recent years Trevor and Linda have focused their attention on their family and their church, participating in Antioch life as much as declining health has permitted. The last time they were at a meeting was to remember the life of John Benjamin - typical!

Reckless in love and in service, go at last to your own rest, in Him.

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