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New Antioch Songbook

New songbook available - again...

February 2020

And this has been updated for the late Feb songbook...
Please click the accompanying picture to download the latest Antioch Songbook. Please note that these songs are made available for use under our CCLI copyright licence, so they can be freely used for Antioch events. However they should not be used for other purposes.
Thanks again Anthony.

Kairos Weekend - Feb 2020

February 2020

Over 100 young people, including some from our outreach, Koinonia, gathered in Vienna, Austria, last week for the Kairos Weekend! We were learning about the theme of Hope and what it looks like to bring Hope to our local contexts, there was lots of time for worship, teaching from an excellent line up of speakers and opportunities to meet our brothers and sisters from around Europe and beyond! God spoke powerfully to individuals and to us as a group and he renewed zeal for mission in Europe and particularly among students. He refined our call as ecumenical communities and our unity was displayed very practically as brothers and sisters from the European Network of Communities (ENC) and The Bruderhof joined us in Vienna!

Community Meeting

February 2020

It was a joy to be gathered together as us. Thanks for the worship, Dan, thanks Arthur for the talk on Philippians 4 and thank you Helen for your sharing. It is good to be reminded that God can sort out the loose ends in us when human options have run out. Click the picture to link through to the audio recordings.

Koinonia Life in the Spirit Weekend

January 2020

At the end of January, Koinonia headed off to a sunny Northampton for our annual Life in the Spirit weekend, a weekend run for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We had many students who were new to us but not necessarily new to faith, so it was a weekend where new friendships were built and God really blessed our worship and grew spiritual gifts in those who attended. We received many words from the Lord which was a great encouragement personally and for us as a community and these also led people into deeper freedom, healing of memories, Baptism in the Spirit and deeper conversion in their relationships with the Lord. This was also an excellent chance to train new leaders.
Thank you so much for praying for us and supporting us. God has lots more in store so please keep your prayers coming.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2020

January 2020

One of the joys of being in an ecumenical community like Antioch is that when something comes along like the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we have an abundance of ways of participating. First, we had the Sword of the Spirit booklet which explored and meditated on the unity that comes to us through persecution. Secondly, we had the 24/7 prayer event going on at Oak Tree in Acton organised by Acton Churches together – thank you Oak Tree! We also had daily videos and meditations produced by CHARIS in Rome. Please God we are a little closer to seeing the answer to Jesus prayer in John 17.

40th Anniversary Community Meeting

January 2020

On the afternoon of Sunday 12th we gathered for our usual Community Prayer Meeting, but this was anything but usual. Again, with many old friends, and with a number of pastors from the Acton area, we gathered to worship the Lord and give him thanks for his faithfulness, kindness and generosity to us. Thank you to all the service teams for your work to make it happen, especially to the cake bakers. Thank you to everyone who took the time out to be with us in thanking God. Thank you Acton Hill Church for your kindness to us, hosting for many of these years.

40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

January 2020

On Saturday 11th January the community, with many old friends, gathered in the Hilton Hotel on Ealing Common to mark our 40th Anniversary as a community. The room had a capacity of 200, and we filled it completely. Oh, that we could have had even more folks join with us! It was a delight to see many brothers and sisters who had journeyed with us a while, and the Lord then took then on other journeys. It was a joy to have previous senior leaders of the community join us and share with us. It was wonderful to have so little set up and set down to do! Thank you to those of you who still had to work, thank you for the wonderful entertainment, thank you, our God and Father, for your faithfulness to us.

More Commitments

December 2019

Antioch is a Covenant Community – commitments are the foundation on which we stand – so it is always a joy when people wish to express a commitment to Antioch. In our December Community Meeting Ian, Christina, Esme and Ken all made an Initial Commitment to Antioch. Blessed be God.

Mental Health Workshops

November 2019

Dr Volodimir Bezulowsky, also one of the Servants of the Word in Belfast, came to London for the weekend, and held a number of sessions with us to help us understand this area better and help our pastoral team deal better with challenges in this space. Thanks Vo!

YES Retreat group photograph

YES Retreat

October 2019

The Kairos YES Retreat is in its ninth year. It exists to gather youth (14-17 years old) from Sword of the Spirit communities and connected groups and to provide a space where youth can meet God and begin, or deepen, their relationship with him. One of the fruits we are witnessing is a growing and positive network of friendships a cross communities that provide support for the youth as they continue to walk with God. We were delighted that this year 75 young people from all across Europe, representing all of our communities. Gdansk and Bielsko-Biała (Poland), Leuven (Belgium), London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Belfast (N. Ireland), Dublin (Ireland) and Munich (Germany).
The theme this year was being ‘Called to Adventure’. Our focus was Psalm 16 ‘You show me the path of life, in your presence there is fullness of joy.’ (Psalm 16:11) We looked at Jesus’ call to ‘come and follow me’ and how he issues that call to each one of us. We want to hear this invitation and courageously respond to the adventure he has for us. Additionally, we looked at how the Christian life is a life of joy. Through workshops we looked at our identity in Christ. Only Christ is the true source of joy. Nothing else can truly satisfy us. We want to be overwhelmingly filled with the joy of the Gospel.
Finally, we talked about being sent out on this adventure of Christian life. We want to step out in faith and wholeheartedly choose the life of adventure to which Christ is inviting us. It was a great retreat, God was at work and a lot of fun was had by all.

The Turning

September 2019

The Turning, an amazingly effective program for evangelism, launched in London on 21st September with a day of prayer, praise, worship, outreach and testimony at Westminster Chapel. This was followed by a week of outreach in Acton, with many of the local churches working together. Each night there was a praise and worship time, and then the following morning we gathered for prayer, training, outreach and testimony. We were amazed at how God worked through the week, in spite of our fear and inadequacy. Around 300 people received a prayer of blessing and almost 100 prayed to welcome Christ into their lives. Acton churches will keep this going as a monthly event in 2020.

Antioch Community group photograph at our 2019 Anniversary Weekend away

Community Anniversary Weekend

September 2019

During September we headed up the M1 to the Frontier Centre for our annual community weekend away together. Dan, our new senior leader, blessed us with a talk to orient us to our 40th Anniversary as a community together. His theme was from Psalm 90: You have been our refuge Lord, from one generation to the next. During the Lord’s Day ceremony in the evening we rejoiced with initial commitments from Amy and Maggie, underway commitments from Susan and Zoe, and public commitments from Ralph, Peter, Natalie and Ann. God spoke to us strongly during our Sunday prayer meeting, and with walks, football, dancing, classy entertainments and some beautiful sunshine it was a glorious weekend all round. A big thank you to the organisers and all those who helped make it such a joyful time.