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Youth:Link Weekend

Thank you so much for praying for a venue! Your prayers were answered and we are now booked for Elm Tree Farm in Kent for the 21st - 23rd Feb. Please continue to hold the Youth:Link weekend in your prayers;
especially that God would be at work in the youth and that the weekend would run smoothly!

Elm Tree Farm

Friend's Meeting

Arthur will lead the meeting and Hugh will be sharing from the scriptures. There will be praise and worship and a time for healing prayer and ministry at the end of the meeting.

Acton Hill Church

High Street Corner of, Woodlands Ave, Acton, London W3 9BU, UK

Ash Wednesday

In preparation for Easter and marking the celebration of Jesus resurrection from the dead, Christians from earliest times have marked a season of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. The season starts on Ash Wednesday (in the western church) and lasts around 40 days. Consider if you can find ways in your life to respond to the call of John the Baptist - prepare the way of the Lord.

Community Meeting

Andy will lead this meeting, and we have invited an outside speaker to come and address us. Dominic McDermott is a leader of The Source Community and also a leader in the European Network of Communities, an organisation similar to the Sword of the Spirit, but European and even more ecumenical!

Acton Hill Church

High Street Corner of, Woodlands Ave, Acton, London W3 9BU, UK

Friend's Meeting

Jonathan will lead the meeting and Ursula will be sharing with us from the scriptures. Pray ministry will be available. Come and hear the word of the Lord and receive from Him.

Acton Hill Church

High Street Corner of, Woodlands Ave, Acton, London W3 9BU, UK

Good Friday - Procession of Witness

Our annual procession from Acton Park to St Mary's Church will take place again, please come along and join in. Oh yes, and we need men to volunteer as stewards...

Acton Park to St Mary's Church

Acton Park, Acton, London W3 7JX, UK

Football Tournament

Our annual, inter-community football tournament. Will Antioch triumph this year?

Glasgow, Scotland

Celebrate Conference - Twickenham

The London weekend of Celebrate, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Twickenham, London

Kairos Summer Academy - Mission Week

Kairos Summer Academy is a week to deepen your relationship with God, to understand more of God’s word, to meet people from across Europe, enjoy fellowship together and learn about mission.

Continental Theological Seminary

Kasteelstraat 48, 1600 Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium

PTI and Conference 2020

The 2020 PTI will be in Ustron, Poland and will focus on Evangelism and Conversion.

Ustron, Poland

For other events do take a look here on our calendar page.

Our Sunday Community Meetings, unless otherwise stated on our calendar, are at 3:45pm at Acton Hill Church, Acton High Street, London W3 9BU.

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