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Antioch Hosts Local Pastors

24 November 2023

Antioch Hosts Local Pastors

Antioch members were pleased to welcome pastors, priests and vicars to a sumptuous Friday night Lebanese dinner recently. The guests lead many of the local churches we attend. We wanted to thank them for their service to the Christian people.
In addition to the quality meal and decor, guests were entertained by an acappella choral group of Antioch members - the Adam's Apples - reconvened especially for the occasion.
For many years the Pastors Dinner had been an annual event among us. Now, after an interruption of a few years due to Covid, etc, we are glad once again to be expressing our appreciation to the local clergy in this way.
Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a quality evening. A special thanks to the London Network Church for graciously providing the venue for the event.

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