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A Community of Disciples on Mission

Antioch is an ecumenical, charismatic, covenant community, of nearly 200 people based in West London. We have been united by the Lord with a common way of life and mission. We belong to the Sword of the Spirit, a world-wide 'community of communities'.

As a community we are united across church and national barriers in the praise and worship of the Lord. We are united by a covenant to love and serve the Lord, each other and all those he sends us. We have agreed to share our life and resources with each other. We seek to live as radical disciples of Jesus Christ our Lord and make our lives and our resources available for the mission the Lord has given us.

As disciples we seek to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to bear the fruit he produces. We seek to know the will of the Lord and to follow him with our whole hearts. We want to be available with all we are for the mission he has given us.

Our Mission

  • To live a way of life that is distinct from the world and is characterised by holiness whether in families or as singles and to be a prophetic people who promote the cause of Christian unity

  • To participate in the spread of the Gospel

  • To help build communities across the world in order to be a bulwark and to stem the tide of evil

Who We Are - Questions about our Life 

We have pulled together a set of questions people ask us about our life, and you may find the online answers helpful.

These questions are also answered in a leaflet which has been put together. As an ecumenical community, we often need to explain ourselves more than other Christian bodies. This document will provide a summary of who we are and goes through answers to typical questions about us. Throughout you will find quotations from Antioch members, which we hope you find put some flesh on the bones of our answers.

Antioch - Who We Are (.pdf, 100k)

We also have a shorter "three-fold" version, which you can print and fold yourself!

Antioch 3-fold brochure

What kind of people get involved with Antioch?

People of many ages, many different churches, many different jobs, from many different countries.

We are from Austria, Australia , Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka and the USA.

What do we do? We are teachers, stay-at-home mums, nurses, undertakers, senior managers, accountants, physiotherapists, librarians, IT managers, bakers, musicians, students, landscape gardeners, office managers, web editors, writers, youth-workers and civil servants. And some of us are retired.

The Lord's Day Ceremony

We have a short video on the way we celebrate the start of the Lord's Day, a Christian version of the Jewish Sabbath ceremony.


We now have recordings of teachings from our meetings if you have missed them, or just want to hear them again. However, talks from "Members'" meetings are in the Members' section.

Short articles by our members

We have lifted some articles from Living Bulwark written by some of our students, and reproduced them on a page of other testimonies. You can read material by Greg Potter, James Mead and Sarah Bick.

Then you can read our series of short pieces about our experience of the Christian life. The first was by Arthur Delargy, and then we got the experience of Karen Jordan, who joined us from our sister community in Mumbai. Dominic Perrem told us about his walk of faith, and continues it in Dublin, in the Community of Nazareth, and then we got Bob Bell too. Read them and be inspired!

Student Outreach

We have an outreach to students at the London colleges called Koinonia. Their pages are worth a read!

I've read your website, I want to know more.

Then come to one of our monthly Antioch Friends meetings - they are aimed at those who are not yet members. Check the calendar. Then let us know you're coming (drop us a line or call this number: 020 8992 8279 and speak to Michael Thompson) and we'll look out for you, to welcome you.

If you'd like a colour booklet giving more information about our life, send us your name and postal address in an email.

We run Alpha courses - a first look at the claims of Jesus Christ, and the sessions are aimed at those who have questions about who Jesus is and why he came among us. And you get a nice meal too!

Contact Trevor Perry for more details.

We run Life in the Spirit Seminars to get a bit deeper into the faith, and these are suitable for those who are already,or have been, churchgoers.

Contact Ros Yates for more information.

We run Intro to Antioch days, a couple of times a year, when there are enough to attend. Come to one of our Sunday meetings to find out about these.


There is no commitment, but if you're interested, you can move onto the next stage, which is teaching about our way of life in a group with others who are attracted to what God is doing among us.

If Antioch is a community and not a church, do we go to other churches?

Various ones of us worship at the 

  • Luther Tyndale Memorial Church

  • Christ Church Turnham Green

  • St Dunstan's East Acton

  • Our Lady Of Lourdes Acton

  • St Botolph Antiochian Orthodox Church

  • St Gabriel's Church North Acton

  • Acton Green Church

  • St Charles Borromeo, Ogle Street, and many more churches.

Even though there are differences in how these churches worship, the members of Antioch are "committed to the unity of the body of Christ."

Feel free to come and see what we mean by that.