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Community Meeting - Late June

Arthur will be leading us through this event and Andy and Clare will share with us about the importance of extended times with the Lord, like going on retreat.

Community Meeting - Late June

To join the community meeting online please use this link: Antioch Community Meeting.


Please be aware:

  1. Details of our meetings, and the links to access them, are all on the Antioch website.

  2. As a security feature we operate a Waiting Room for Zoom meetings.  This means that you will be held in a virtual 'waiting room' before being admitted into the meeting.  We do check to ensure we know who people are before admitting them.  Please help by setting your Zoom name to something we will recognise and by responding to any message we send to those in the waiting room.

  3. We do make an audio recording of all of our meetings.  Introductions, news, words and talks are then made available on the website.

IMPORTANT - Our final meeting before the summer on July 11th will be in Acton Baptist Church.

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