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Welcome to Antioch

The Antioch Community at our weekend away, 2019

Antioch is an ecumenical, charismatic, covenant, Christian community based in West London.  We have been united by the Lord with a common way of life and mission. We belong to the Sword of the Spirit, a world-wide 'community of communities'.


For more information see the About Us page.  You can keep up-to-date on our current events by visiting the Calendar.  You can communicate with a real person by using our Contact page.  If you want to know more about joining us, check this page.

Some upcoming events

Youth:Link Weekend

Thank you so much for praying for a venue! Your prayers were answered and we are now booked for Elm Tree Farm in Kent for the 21st - 23rd Feb. Please continue to hold the Youth:Link weekend in your prayers;
especially that God would be at work in the youth and that the weekend would run smoothly!

Elm Tree Farm

Friend's Meeting

Arthur will lead the meeting and Hugh will be sharing from the scriptures. There will be praise and worship and a time for healing prayer and ministry at the end of the meeting.

Acton Hill Church

Ash Wednesday

In preparation for Easter and marking the celebration of Jesus resurrection from the dead, Christians from earliest times have marked a season of prayer, fasting and alms-giving. The season starts on Ash Wednesday (in the western church) and lasts around 40 days. Consider if you can find ways in your life to respond to the call of John the Baptist - prepare the way of the Lord.

For more details of these or other events please see the Events page, the Calendar or the Newsletter.

Community Members - please note there are additional events in the Members section.

Articles by our members

We have lifted some articles from Living Bulwark written by some of our students, and reproduced them on a page of other testimonies. You can read material by Greg Potter, James Mead and Sarah Bick.

Then you can read our series of short pieces about our experience of the Christian life. The first was by Arthur Delargy, and then we got the experience of Karen Jordan, who joined us from our sister community in Mumbai. Dominic Perrem told us about his walk of faith, and continues it in Dublin, in the Community of Nazareth, and then we got Bob Bell too. Read them and be inspired!


We now have recordings of teachings from our meetings if you have missed them, or just want to hear them again. However, talks from "Members'" meetings are in the Members' section.

Student Outreach

We have an outreach to students at the London colleges called Koinonia. Their pages are worth a read!

Antioch is also a: