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Community Meeting - Early Sept

Arthur will lead us in our first meeting after the summer holiday and after many lockdowns! It will be an afternoon of praise and worship and sharing and rejoicing!

Acton Hill Church

High Street Corner of, Woodlands Ave, London W3 9BU, UK

Community Meeting - Early Sept

We are finally back in Acton Hill Church together as a community, to be before the Lord in praise and worship.  There will be no talk at the meeting, instead we want to give the time to the Lord in honouring and giving thanks to him.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Covid Guidelines

  • Please do not come to the meeting if you have tested positive for Covid, or if you have any of the symptoms.

  • We would like to encourage you to wear facemasks during the meeting, and to try and keep reasonably spaced out where you can.  

  • We will try and keep things as ventilated as possible.

Children's Groups

Our children's groups will be up and running for this meeting.

Tea and Coffee and Goodies

We will have refreshments after the meeting, and as part of celebrating being back together they will be extra nice!  We ask that you bring mugs / cups from home as this means we dont have to throw away so many cups after a single use (remember we used to do this before).  We will have cups though for people who need them.


We will be streaming the meeting on YouTube instead of Zoom.  This means that you can join with us  even if you cannot be there in person.  This arrangement, however, means that while you can watch the event you will not be able to speak into the meeting to give a word or a sharing.

The live stream for the meeting will be on the Antioch YouTube channel.  Please follow the link and stream will appear about 15 minutes before the meeting starts.


  1. As always, we will be making an audio recording of the meeting so that we can put anything of significance on our website afterwards.

  2. As we are streaming the meeting there will also be a video version created.  Whilst the focus will be on those leading the meeting it is likely that shots of the 'congregation' will also be recorded. If you have any concerns about this please contact Hugh Potter.

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