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News Items


The News page effectively has a Content Management System in place, hence the very standard presentation.  It Uses the Antioch News data collection and to update, add or delete news items simply make the changes to the data in the collection.

Data Collection

The data held in the collection is as follows:

  • NewsTitle - what is used as the 'headline' for the piece

  • NewsDetails - the 'article' itself.  This is just a text box and is very limited in what can be included.  You cannot even have  CR/LF characters so you just see one paragraph at present

  • NewsDate - this is the field used to sort the articles on the page and is not actually displayed

  • NewsDateText - this is what you see on the page and is manually entered, I generally use a month and a year

  • NewsImage - self explanatory, and needs to be an image in the Wix site media collection

  • NewsURL - if populated this is used to allow a click action on an image and take you another site.  I have linked to Kairos sites and YouTube videos for instance

  • NewsGallery - not used yet.  I still need to figure galleries out

  • NewsComments - I thought this might be useful as something explanatory for the news items themselves but I have not actually used it yet.  It is not actually displayed

  • NewsImageAltText - I started adding these but I am not sure what they actually do...

  • NewsMembersOnly - a check box to indicate that news should only appear in the Members section.  But you do need to ensure that the DataCollection widget includes this as a filter where needed.

  • NewsHide - a check to be used to Hide a new item, either because it is still in draft, not yet relevant or for some other reason.  Again, you have to ensure that the filters are set to incorporate this.


The news items are displayed using a Repeater - a standard way of repeating a list of similar information.  The list sorts the items by 'NewsDate' and has a limit of 12 items.  older items will drop off the bottom of the display but the data will still be in the collection.

News items appear twice on the site, once in the general area and once in the Members section.

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