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Video message from the SOS President

May 2021

Video message from the SOS President

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of Christ! Now that our Eastern Orthodox brethren have celebrated Pascha, I can wish everyone in the Sword of the Spirit a very happy Easter season.

Here is a video message from Jean Barbara which Jean would like all the brothers and sisters in the Sword of the Spirit to see. In it Jean talks about the 50th anniversary of Sword of the Spirit covenant community which we want to celebrate, and he mentions an illustrated history of the Sword of the Spirit: we will send you soon some information on how to obtain copies of this book. Jean refers to a meeting of the International Assembly ‘in the summer’: this will now be on Saturday October 9, and we will send out more information in the coming weeks.

Please arrange for your community members to see this video – either by showing it in a community gathering, or sending the link out to your members and asking them to watch it in their sharing groups or on their own. If your people will struggle with English or Spanish, please arrange to add language subtitles to the video (let us know if you need help with that). The IEC wants every SOS member to see this and hear about the priorities for this next season that we believe the Lord has for us.

We will be saying more about these priorities in the coming months, including presentations of them to the regional councils and to the International Assembly, and then to the International Coordinators Meeting in November.

Thanks brothers and sisters for your help with this. The IEC considers this to be an important message for all our members, and appreciates your help in getting it to everyone.

Peace in the Lord,

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