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Sad news about Linda Perry

April 2022

Sad news about Linda Perry

We are sad to announce the death of Linda Perry.

Trevor and Linda were a wonderful whirlwind of the Holy Spirit among us, with Trevor serving as the Antioch senior leader for many years, and Linda helping to pioneer many aspects of women's leadership amongst us.

Linda was a woman of prayer and woman of action, a woman of great heart, but also of no nonsense! She fed the hungry and welcomed the stranger, with many community members being hosted by them for meals, or even living as part of the family for a season.

In more recent years Trevor and Linda have focused their attention on their family and their church, participating in Antioch life as much as declining health has permitted. The last time they were at a meeting was to remember the life of John Benjamin - typical!

Reckless in love and in service, go at last to your own rest, in Him.

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