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Job Vacancy - Koinonia Men's Mission Leader

April 2020

Job Vacancy - Koinonia Men's Mission Leader

Brothers & sisters,
Those of you who attended the online Members' Meeting on Sunday will be aware from the presentation that Joe gave that there are a number of gaps coming up in the Koinonia staff team, especially on the men's side, with different brothers moving away from London this summer. We are currently looking to hire a Men's Mission Leader for a start date of 1 August 2020. We will be accepting applications until 30 April. If you would like more details or know someone who might be interested to apply, please get in touch with me at
I would also ask for your prayers that the right people would come forward to cover the gaps that we will have, and that the Lord's hand would be upon us in the upcoming time of transition.
God bless,
JP Fahd, for Koinonia

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