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International Assembly Report

July 2020

International Assembly Report

The Sword of the Spirit International Assembly met by video conference call for two hours on 27 June. The Assembly is the overall governing body for the Sword of the Spirit. Its members are the senior coordinators of full member communities, the regional coordinators and regional missionary coordinators, and some others including special appointees.

This was the first time the Assembly had met by conference call, and 68 of the 76 members were able to be present. We spanned 19 time zones, from 06:00 on the west coast of the Americas through to 01:00 hours in New Zealand.

The following decisions were made:
- Approved three new Full Member communities:
- The Brotherhood of Hope (Boston MA, USA)
- Holy Trinity Community (Davao City, Philippines)
- Tierra Santa (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
- Approved a new bylaw to create a mechanism for ‘Assembly Decision by Email’.
- Approved the creation by the IEC of a work group, comprising the regional presidents and others, to look at new governance processes and models that could be used in situations such as the current Coronavirus pandemic which impact the ability of the Assembly to meet and do business.

Dave Quintana was announced as the new chairman of the Ecumenical Commission, in place of Dave Hughes. Dave Quintana explained that the IEC had decided that in this next season the Ecumenical Commission should be led by a Catholic member of the IEC to underline that ecumenism is something all members of the Sword of the Spirit ‒ including those in all-Catholic communities – are committed to, regardless of their church tradition.

The Assembly received a report on progress across the Sword of the Spirit on the implementation of the Child Protection Framework that had been approved by the Assembly in 2018. There has been a significant amount of work in all the regions and excellent progress has been made but much remains to be done. Of our 42 Full Member and Underway B communities, 12 now have a rolled out and functioning policy, 27 are in the process of implementation, training and roll-out, and in 3 communities a significant amount of work is still needed.

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