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Sharing Group Follow Ups - April 2021

April 2021

Sharing Group Follow Ups - April 2021

If everything were perfect, what would we have to endure from others for God’s sake? But now God has so arranged things that we may learn to bear each other’s burdens, for no one is without faults, no one is without burdens, no one is wholly self-sufficient, no one has enough wisdom all by himself. That being the case, we must support and comfort each other; together we must help, teach, and advise one another, for the strength that each person has will best be seen in times of trouble. Such times do not make us weak; they show what we are.
- Thomas à Kempis

Sharing group follow up questions:

- How Self-Sufficient do you regard yourself?
- Do you look to others for support and you to support others?
- Do you value the relationship with your Pastoral Leader/Helper?
- When was the last time you met?
- How do you see your role in Sharing Group?

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