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Pronto: find and follow

July 2020

Pronto: find and follow

Around 2,000 people aged 22-35 partook of an online conference entitled Pronto: find and follow on Saturday July 1 8th. Daniel Dunkl from Vienna, Austria, and Michela Brooks from Las Vegas, Nevada,
welcomed attendees from 30 countries, multiple languages and time zones. The Philippines, Mexico and the United States had the most attendees, but it was exciting to see those just getting involved in our work who hailed from Brazil and Tanzania.
Ralph Mascarenhas, the one who proposed the conference, explained that the idea for Pronto 2020 came from seeing a strong response in Europe to the Legacy Conference, an event for those aged 20-30 that gives a vision for living community life as an adult. They had double the turnout online that they expected to have in person and the participants loved it.
Pronto began with a song in English and Spanish that was led from Beirut, Lebanon. That was followed by an online quiz for all 2,000 participants that crowned JP Fahed as the most knowledgeable attendee.
The News followed and featured stories from Rebecca Sastre about discerning her call to live single for the Lord and Sara Fonseca reporting on a successful online Alpha Course their Young Professionals Outreach did in Costa Rica.
Anton Collela from Glasgow gave the main address and proclaimed the call that unites us. A more substantial time of worship followed where participants could post what they sensed the Lord telling them. There were nearly 1 30 submissions and many of them stressed that we were one people with one call from the One God and that he wanted us joined in

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