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Payatas Update and Prayer Request

April 2020

Payatas Update and Prayer Request

Our 15 PNA Area coordinators went house to house today and identified about 1,900 families in our small area of Payatas that they say really need food urgently because they are going hungry.
Please pray for wisdom as to what we should do in this situation. Do we stick to 300 families saying we will not have enough money to sustain thousands of families? Or do we try to feed about 2,000 families?
One idea I will pray about is giving just rice, maybe enough for 3 days, to the 1,900 or so families, telling them that we do not have enough money to continue doing this for so many and asking them to pray that by 3 days time the government will have been able to give them some help (maybe we can to try to find a way to facilitate the government to give these families help after our three days of rice).
I think tomorrow we have to identify and give straight away to some most urgent cases. Almost everybody needs it, even needs it a lot, but not everyone is at the same level of need. Some need much more than others.
Anyway I know God has a solution and he wants to guide us. So please pray we would hear him and be led by the Holy Spirit: firstly to make the right decision and then, secondly to execute that decision in a loving, faith-filled, and effective way .
Thank you

Fr. Paul

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