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John Benjamin - Attending the heavenly concert

July 2020

John Benjamin - Attending the heavenly concert

We were all shocked on Thursday 2nd July to hear of the sudden death of John Benjamin. John was one of our members from the 1990’s and in some ways was a fixture of our lives. Most of us have had a cup of tea or coffee from him, as he served refreshments at Acton Hill, and some were much more favoured to be invited to his flat where his record player could delight us with his LPs, and his legendary cooking skills could delight our palates! And did I mention his wines? If you wanted to write a manual of polite behaviour and the art of conversation, you could do much worse than consult John. But many of us know that his faith in the Lord was, by far, the most significant element in his life. He was a man of prayer, and unashamed of his piety. We are poorer for having lost him, but, in fact, for someone who didn’t always arrive before the meeting started, this time, John has simply gone on ahead!

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