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Bethany Association 2021 Conference Update

September 2021

Bethany Association 2021 Conference Update

In August, the Bethany Association of women living single for the Lord in the Sword of the Spirit held their bi-annual conference on zoom. In their conference newsletter, you can read about new commitments, upcoming changes, and of God's work at their conference that gathered 23 sisters with life-long or full commitments to live single for the Lord as well as 10 women in further discernment from across 18 communities worldwide. The conference served to discuss the call and charisms of the Bethany Association considering the prophetic words from the past 50 years of celibate life amongst women in the Sword of the Spirit. With a shared vision to be an increasingly visible prophetic witness of God’s love among His people, the sisters look ahead to their upcoming council elections and ask for your prayers for their lives and witness in our communities.

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