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A note of thanks from Mike

April 2021

A note of thanks from Mike

I'd like to thank Antioch for all their prayers for me and ask them to continue. It has been quite an ordeal. I have been through nothing quite like it (and it continues, I have not been pain free since this all started on January 2nd with Covid 19, then worsened on Jan 15th with a broken ankle due to Guillian Barre.) I only discovered in early March how many things had gone seriously south! It wasn't just that I was paralyzed from the neck down, was on a ventilator for two weeks and receiving oxygen. I didn't actually know I was knocking on death's door -- I was hallucinating most of three weeks. (I remember my hallucinations and little else between January 20th and February 25th.)

I believe God answered the prayers of the saints. I especially see this in three ways:
1) My rapid recovery -- I was still paralyzed on February 25th and got out of the hospital using a walker on March 15th. (Guillian Barre typically takes six to nine months to recover to 85%.)
2) More significantly, I was far more joyful than usual throughout my time in hospital and
3) Your prayers got me through the darkest times. I lost my ability to remember any memorized prayers: I could not make it through the Lord's Prayer nor night prayers, I either forgot the words or simply forgot what I was doing. I had no way of validating that I had any relationship with the Lord. That was frightening.

I am still wrestling with Guillian Barre. I am in pain most of the day from my calves down. Sleeping is difficult. My thinking is still confused at times. Typing is very slow but I can do it, and my sense of balance is bad, but I am still "improving more rapidly" than most according to my doctors and therapists.

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