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Dear Brothers & Sisters,


In light of the recent advice from the Government on public & social gatherings we have decided to cancel the Antioch Friends’ Meeting this Sunday (March 22nd) and the Members’ Meeting planned for April 5th.  Of course we do not make this decision lightly since meeting together is central to our life, but we need to think of the health and wellbeing of our families, our members as well as those around us.


Although we are cancelling these upcoming meetings, we are looking at alternative ways to virtually meet together (other communities have trialled some things, so we hope to learn from them).  So be on the lookout for future announcements.


As for Sharing Groups, I will leave this with the Sharing Group Leaders to decide on how to meet up.  What I would say is that these are now more important rather than less, given the potential decrease in contact with other people that is likely to happen.  I know some groups have been using Skype (and other technologies) for sharing groups and have had a positive experience, so if it works, let’s use these to stay more in touch with each other.


Also, it's important at this time that we are aware that each of us will respond differently to these circumstances.  Don’t assume that everyone will approach these times the same way you will, rather give space to one another to make up our own minds on what we believe is the best way to respond.


Let me finish by encouraging you all to take extra concern to be in touch with each other, maybe not physically, but checking in with each other and making sure everyone is cared for.


Please do let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on things that might help support our community life at this time.


May the Lord continue to bless and sustain us in this season.


God bless,



On Behalf of the Joint Councils