SWOT2020 - Reach!

Universities in Europe need students and missionaries that are fully alive and ready to be sent out. This year's SWOT conference will be a time to be inspired, focused and prepared for the mission ahead.

On line. See link for registration.

INSPIRED - You'll be inspired by speakers, workshops, small groups and by coming together with students from across Europe.

FOCUSED - Time for your outreach to take a team huddle. It is time to plan, regroup and go out together with a unified focus.

PREPARED - Receive powerful training that will equip you to step into outreach.

COST - The event is now free!

DATES AND TIMES - The main conference will run from the 31st August to the 2nd September (Monday to Wednesday). We will also have a prayer meeting on the evening of Sunday 30th August. The conference is scheduled to run from 9am-2.30pm (BST!) on Monday - Wednesday.

SPACES - If you're interested in attending SWOT, please speak to your outreach leader.

PLATFORM & SCHEDULE - We will be announcing details about the platform and schedule very shortly.

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