PTI and Conference 2020 - CANCELLED

This year's Pastoral Training Institute (PTI) is in Ustron, Poland, and will focus on Evangelism and Conversion.

Good Shepherd Parish Church, Ustron, Poland

Polańska 95, 43-450 Ustroń, Poland

This summer event, hosted and organised by the City on a Hill Community in Bielsko-Biała, is first of all aimed at community leaders and leaders in training with their families, both from our SoS communities and communities affiliated with SoS – especially various communities from Poland.

The conference will take place in the city of Ustroń in the vicinity of Bielsko-Biała – the majority of the talks will take place in the Good Shepherd Parish Church (Kościół Dobrego Pasterza) – and 600 beds will be available in 7 different hotels and conference centres all located within the distance of 2km from the church. Please note that numbers will be limited by community.

- Saturday to Monday - Conference on Evangelism with Dr Johannes Hartl
(see linked YouTube clip below)
- Tuesday to Friday - PTI on Conversion with Dr Dan Keating

There will be activities for the children between 4 and 9 years old close to the conference centre. Simultaneously, there will be summer camps for our youth in the neighbourhood – all 10-14 year-olds and 15-19 year-olds are invited to join.

May I ask for your prayers in preparation of this event.

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