Not the Anniversary Weekend

We cannot go away for our usual Anniversary Weekend, but we can still enjoy one another. Click the picture for more details!

Online (Zoom) mostly...

We cannot get away to the Frontier Centre as we would normally do at this time of year (we still hope to do this in January 2021) but we can still worship, chat, eat and laugh 'together' so here is what we propose instead....

10:30 Morning prayer for 30 mins led by Elinor and Amy - lets start the day with the Lord
11:00 Coffee and Chat - we will split up into small breakout groups to spend half an hour (or longer) with each other just catching up. Make sure you have a cuppa at the ready!

Free - but do try and spend time with some brothers of sisters, especially if the weather is half decent.

17:00 Lord's Day opening - with worship and perhaps some sharings. Thanks Kyria for organising us into suitable groups to stay aligned with changing Covid regulations!
18:15 Dinner
20:00 Quiz - We have a Morrow special coming our way so expect a little craziness and a lot of fun
21:00 All done

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