Community Day Jan 2021

As we are not able to have a usual Community Anniversary Weekend this year we will have some time together on Saturday 16th January. It will all be on Zoom though - sorry.

Online in Zoom (at least mostly...)

We will use the same Zoom link for the three different parts of the day.

MORNING SESSION - 10:30 to 12:00

10:30 Welcome
10:35 Morning Prayer led by Elinor and Amy
11:00 Talk from Dan Turner on Cleansing the Temple
11:25 Short Break
11:35 Discussion Groups
12:00 End


We are very limited in terms of what we can do, so here are some ideas:
- Meet up with someone for a walk and a chat
- Telephone someone for a chat, telephone several people for chats...

We will not leave the Zoom channel open as people will just get stuck in the Waiting Room. The more technologically brave amongst us might want to try this link (sorry, you need to copy and paste it)
This is like Zoom but allows you to wander around and join and leave conversations as you wish.

EARLY EVENING - 5:00 to 6:15 (approx)

5:00 Regather
5:10 Commitments
5:30 Lord's Day ceremony and Worship
6:00 Breakout Room chats as we share bread and wine (and cheese?)
6:15 End, so we can eat our meals

LATE EVENING - 8:00 to 9:00

8:00 Quiz Time! Another extravaganza brought to us by Nathan and Christina

A silly hat may be worn for the quiz, but this is compulsory if your initials are RD and you live on Lynton Road! There may be points in it...

We are not planning anything for the Sunday.

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