Catholic Worship, Talk and Mass

Catholic members are invited to worship and a short talk before the usual parish 6 pm evening mass

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

141-143 High St, Acton, London W3 6LX, UK

For a little while now we have been trying to think of way to strengthen the spiritual understanding and experience of Catholics in the Antioch Community, especially our younger members. After discussion amongst the Catholic Coordinators and following a meeting with Fr. Fergal, the parish priest at Our Lady of Lourdes church here in Acton, we would like to try the following:-
On Sunday 15th March we would encourage attendance at the 6 pm evening mass at Our Lady of Lourdes church. We will gather 30 minutes early and we will have a time of worship in the church and a short presentation from Dan Turner on some aspect of our catholic faith, probably the mass. At 6 pm we will continue with the usual parish mass, but with music to support the liturgy. The whole event will be open to all.
We hope that this will help to grow our understanding of the riches of Catholicism and at the same time bring something of the riches of Antioch to the parish.

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