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The International Coordinators' Meeting, et cetera

Meeting in Michigan

Every four years our senior leaders come together to discuss the next steps for our community of communities. This happened in Michigan USA, over the last weekend in May, and there were leaders from all our fellow communities in Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Brussels, Bielsko Biala, both the groups in Beirut, and many other of the groups which make up the international grouping which is the Sword of the Spirit.

In a couple of weeks, many of our young people will be attending Dalej! which is an ecumenical youth festival which links on to the Catholic World Youth Day in Krakow.

Just before that, some of us will be attending Together for Europe, an initiative which has been running for many years now, to bring christians of different traditions closer together.

The Living God is with his people and supports all those he loves in all circumstances:

You shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

(From the Old Testament, the book of Isaiah, chapter 58: verse 11)

On this page you can find out a bit more, and see that we have Antioch Friends' Meetings, to which you are welcome.

Antioch is . . .

Antioch is an ecumenical, charismatic, covenant, Christian community based in West London. We have been united by the Lord with a common way of life and mission. We belong to the Sword of the Spirit, a world-wide 'community of communities'. For more information see the about us pages.


We now have recordings of teachings from our meetings if you have missed them, or just want to hear them again. However, talks from "Members'" meetings are in the Members' section.

Short articles by our members

We have lifted some articles from Living Bulwark written by some of our students, and reproduced them on a page of other testimonies. You can read material by Greg Potter, James Mead and Sarah Bick.

Then you can read our series of short pieces about our experience of the Christian life. The first was by Arthur Delargy, and then we got the experience of Karen Jordan, who joined us from our sister community in Mumbai. Dominic Perrem told us about his walk of faith, and continues it in Dublin, in the Community of Nazareth, and then we got Bob Bell too. Read them and be inspired!

Student Outreach

We have an outreach to students at the London colleges called koinonia. Their pages are worth a read!

This all sounds interesting, what do I do to find out more?

Check this page with some possible "next steps."


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